De Viswijf

Holidays Times and Days

Lunch:      Monday – Sunday    10:00am – 15:00pm

Dinner:       Monday – Sunday   17:00pm – Late



Outside Deck View

This multi functional complex is situated on the beachfront of the Southern side of the main swimming beach in Jeffreys Bay. It has breathtaking views over the bay, the distant mountains and one of the several world famous surf breaks in Jeffreys Bay namely Kitchen Windows.

Enclosed Deck
Enclosed Deck


An extensive menu comprising of seafood, local dishes and several exotic dishes.

Seafood Salad


The Diners Club Platinum Award wine list, includes wines and spirits from our South African wine regions that are made to satisfy and tantalize your palate.

The 5 Ship Wreck Cocktails
The 5 Ship Wreck Cocktails