Anchors Aweigh!

A Great Way To Start The Voyage…

Garlic Bread   R18.00

Cheesy Bread   R24.00

Vegetable Soup   R36.00

Seafood Soup (The Best Ever)   R48.00

Biltong Soup   R48.00

Creamy Mussels   R54.00

Chicken Livers   R48.00

Snails   R48.00

Mussels Maison   R45.00

Calamari   R54.00

Crumbed Mushrooms   R48.00

Tuna Cocktail   R66.00

Springbuck Carpaccio  R90.00

Crocodile Carpaccio R90.00

Oysters   SQ


French Salad   R52.00

Half French Salad   R36.00

Greek Salad   R60.00

Half Greek Salad   R44.00

Chicken Salad   R84.00

Seafood Salad (Can Be Shared As A Starter Or A Substantial Main Meal)   R115.00

Half Seafood Salad   R84.00

Landlubber’s Luck

You Do Get Seasick, Don’t You ….

Chicken Schnitzel   R105.00

Cordon Bleu   R115.00

Lemon Chicken   R105.00

Kassler Chops   R110.00

The Following Will Be Grilled To Perfection & Served With Chips Or Baked Potato Or Rice:

Ribs (500 G)   R132.00

Rump Steak  (200 G)   R105.00

Rump Steak  (300 G)   R132.00

Ladies Fillet  (150 G)   R115.00


(This Is A Small Portion, Do Not Order If You Did Not Have A Starter)

Fillet (300 G)   R190.00

T-Bone (500 G)   R170.00

Surf And Turf   R180.00

Traditional South-African

Oxtail   R140.00

Curry Tripe   R120.00

African Medley Of Meats   R240.00

– Kudu – With Mushroom & Bacon Sauce

– Ostrich – With Berry Sauce

– Beef Fillet – With Creamy Pepper Sauce

* Served With Mash Potatoes (Subject To Availability – Hunting Season, Remember!)

Galleys Extras

French Fries (Side Order Of Chips) (Small Plate)   R20.00

French Fries  (Large Plate)   R38.00

Vegetables In Season   R38.00

Half Portion Vegetables   R24.00

Hot Beverages

Coffee (Filter)   R18.00

Coffee (Decaf)   R18.00

Espresso   R18.00

Cappuccino   R22.00

Caffé Latte   R22.00

Mocha Chocca   R22.00

Tea (Pot For 1)   R15.00

Tea (Pot For 2)   R22.00

Hot Chocolate Or Milo   R22.00


Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce   R30.00

Crème Brûlée With A Berry Sauce   R36.00

Chocolate Brownies (With Cream or Ice Cream)   R36.00

Peppermint Crisp Tart With Ice-Cream   R36.00

Cheesecake (With Cream or Ice Cream)   R42.00

Malva Pudding (With Cream or Ice Cream)   R42.00

Chocolate Mousse (With Cream or Ice Cream)  R36.00

Dom Pedro   R36.00

Irish Coffee   R36.00

Captain Van Dijkhorst’s Choice

Fresh From The Sea, You Can’t Go Wrong…

Hake   R108.00

Thai Seafood Pot   R105.00

Calamari   R114.00

Catch Of The Day (No, Not The One Serving You)   SQ

Mussel Pot   R84.00

The Following Items Subject To Availability

Kingklip Fish   R158.00

Prawns   SQ

Sole   SQ

Mariner’s Choice

Munch Basket   R118.00


1. Hake, Calamari, Rice and Chips R 105.00

2. Catch of the day, Calamari, Rice and Chips SQ

3. Grilled Kingklip, Calamari, Rice and Chips R 132.00

*add any combo

Mussels (4) R 42.00

Prawns and Sauce (3) SQ

Paella R118.00

Paella (HALF)R78.00

For The Children

(12 And Under)

Hake And Chips   R42.00

Chicken Strips And Chips   R42.00

Hotdog And Chips   R42.00

Kiddies Ribs & Chips   R66.00

Kiddies Ice Cream   R22.00

Cabin Boy’s Choice

On The Lighter Side ….

Burgers (Beef, Chicken, Hake Or Calamari)   R54.00

Chicken Wings   R54.00

Hake (Half Portion)   R54.00

Chicken Schnitzel (Half Portion)  R45.00


For Those With Italian Blood In Their Veins

Tagliatelli Alfredo   R80.00

Seafood Tagliatelli   R90.00

Chicken Pasta   R80.00

Lasagne   R80.00


For Those Who Abstain From Eating Anything That Used To Move…

Vegetarian Platter   R80.00

Vegetable Quiche R56.00


Tartare Sauce, Garlic Butter Or Lemon Garlic

Butter & Strong Chilli   R15.00

Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Creamy Garlic Sauce

Cheese Sauce & Monkey Gland Sauce   R20.00

Cold Beverages

Sodas All (200 Ml)   R12.50

Sodas All (330 Ml)   R14.50

Tizer’s (Appletizer & Grapetizer)   R20.00

Iced Tea (Peach & Lemon)   R18.00

Fruit Juices (Apple, Mango, Orange, Guava)   R15.00

Iced Coffee   R22.00

Fruit Shakes (Apple, Mango, Orange, Guava)  R22.00

Milkshakes (Lime, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla)   R22.00

Mineral Water (Still & Sparkling)(500ml)   R12.00

Mineral Water (Still & Sparkling)(1 Litre)   R20.00